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With StoryPRO, you can create and publish three types of content: Discussions, Articles, and Videos. This guide provides an overview of each content type and offers best practices to help you get started.


Discussions are short-form content pieces that can help you generate a large amount of content quickly.

The goal of discussions is to encourage engagement and social sharing. Use discussions to start conversations on questions or subjects relevant to the times or to write editorial pieces for news sites.

Discussions Screenshot


Articles are long-form content pieces that allow you to create engaging multimedia content. The goal of articles is to showcase platform features with evergreen content. Use articles for in-depth journalistic content or for informative pieces on various topics.

Articles Screenshot


Videos are hosted on the platform and provide high-quality embedded video content without users leaving the platform. The goal of videos is to keep users and comments on the platform and leverage the network effect.

Videos should be 1-2 minutes long to minimize drop-off. Use videos for special reports, explainers, podcasts, or any other topic that benefits from a multimedia approach.