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Configure SendGrid

Integrating SendGrid with your StoryPRO platform brings a multitude of benefits, enhancing your email communication and enabling seamless delivery of newsletters and notifications to your audience.

Setting up Your SendGrid Account

  1. Go to SendGrid and create an account. You can start with the free plan.

  2. Authenticate your domain by following the prompts in the SendGrid dashboard.

SendGrid Dashboard Screenshot
  1. Test your email by sending a test email to ensure everything works as expected.

  2. Finish setting up your account with the email address you plan to use to send your newsletters.

  3. Create a new API key by going to Settings -> API Keys.

Integrating SendGrid with Your StoryPRO Platform

Once you have set up your SendGrid account, you can integrate it with your StoryPRO platform by following these steps:

  1. Go to your StoryPRO dashboard and navigate to the SendGrid settings page.

  2. Enter your SendGrid API key and the email address you plan to use to send your newsletters from.

StoryPRO Settings Screenshot

With these steps, you can fully customize how your platform communicates with its users, ensuring that all emails are sent from the email address of your choice.