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Promotions, also known as native ads, are an essential tool on StoryPRO that enables you to create effective content conversion funnels, analyze their performance, and optimize conversion rates.

You can drive traffic to any URL of your choice, including your e-commerce store, a specific page on your company's website, or another piece of content on your publication.

Creating a Promotion

To create a new Promotion, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Promotions from the menu and click Add New Promotion.

  2. In the Meta section, give your Promotion a name that will identify it on the backend. Tags are optional, but they're highly recommended if you're running multiple Promotions on the same campaign, as they allow you to group Promotions together

  3. In the Promo section, create a compelling title, description, and image that will encourage users to click on your Promotion.

  4. Enter the URL of the landing page where you want your Promotion to lead.

Promotions Outbound Screenshot

Once you've completed these steps, your Promotion will be displayed at the bottom of every relevant piece of content that your visitors view.

Promotion placed on Content Screenshot

Promotion Stats

To understand your Promotion's performance, you can view its statistics on the Promotions overview screen. This screen displays published Promotions along with their stats, such as the number of views and the percentage of conversions.

Promo Stats Screenshot

Using Promotions on StoryPRO, you can create effective content conversion funnels with native ads, track their performance, and optimize conversion rates.