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Completing the Setup Wizard

Welcome to StoryPRO! We're excited to have you onboard. Follow these simple steps to complete the setup wizard and start using your new platform:

  1. Once you sign up for an account, you will see a confirmation message that your account has been created. Click on the "Deploy Platform" button to get started.
Deploy StoryPRO Platform Screenshot
  1. On the deployment page, name your platform and select the desired payment plan. Then, click on the Deploy button. Your platform will start deploying immediately and should take 15 miunutes or less to complete.
StoryPRO Deployment Screen Screenshot
  1. Once your platform is deployed, you will see a configuration screen with details on the new temporary URL for your platform and instructions on how to reset your password to gain admin access.
StoryPRO Configuration Screenshot
  1. After resetting your password, go to the Domain tab and set up your custom domain by following the instructions provided here.
Custom Domain Configuration Screenshot
  1. Once you have set up your custom domain, navigate to the Integrations tab to set up Uploadcare and SendGrid. For detailed instructions on setting up Uploadcare, click here and for SendGrid click here.
StoryPRO Integrations Page Screenshot

Completing these steps will help you get started with your new platform. If you face any issues during the setup process, please refer to the StoryPRO documentation or contact our support team at for assistance.