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Configure Uploadcare

Uploadcare is an external platform for hosting all of your media in the StoryPRO platform. Before you do anything else, you should create an account with Uploadcare and integrate it with your platform. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create an account with Uploadcare and select a plan. You can use the free plan to start with.

  2. Create a new project in the Projects area.

Uploadcare Projects Screenshot
  1. In the left-hand menu, click on API keys to view your Public key and Secret key (hidden by default). You will need both keys, so make sure to view the secret key.
Uploadcare API Keys Screenshot
  1. Go to your Account Settings in Admin and navigate to the Integrations tab. In the Uploadcare section, click Configure to edit the fields.
Uploadcare Account Settings Screenshot
  1. Copy and paste the keys from the Uploadcare platform into the appropriate fields, and then click Save.

If you start creating content before you have set up your Uploadcare account, you may lose some of your media, such as logo files, cover images, or any other multimedia content.

To prevent any loss of data, make sure you set up your Uploadcare account before creating content. If you have already uploaded any images or videos, make sure to reupload them to Uploadcare.