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Content Builder

The Content Editor is the primary engine of your platform. It is designed to speed up your workflow with its drag-n-drop interface and hot keys.

Content Structure

Each piece of content is divided into three sections: Header, Body, and References. Here's a brief overview of what each section contains:

The header section includes the title and any metadata for your content, such as tags or categories.


The body section is where you'll create and edit the main content of your article, video, or discussion. You can use the drag-n-drop interface to add elements, such as images or text boxes, to your content.


The References section is where you can add any external sources or references used in your content, such as links or citations. You can add references to your content by dragging and dropping the Reference element onto the canvas.

Content Structure Screenshot

Building Content

Whether you're creating an article, video, or discussion, the process for building content is the same. The only difference between them is the selection of elements available. Here's an example of building a short discussion from scratch: